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SWS Consulting’s mission is to help clients grow their business. Whether it is growth by the creation of new products, restoring profitability to distressed operations, or growth by acquisition, SWS Consulting has the experience to turn your challenge into commercial success. SWS Consulting is Scott W. Steele, former president and one of the founders of Plastic Technologies, Inc.

Package Innovation Expert

SWS Consulting has over 40 years of experience helping clients commercialize new products. His portfolio includes branded carbonated soft drink packages, hot-fill beverage packages, recycled content packages, lightweight water packages, blow molded medical devices, and high performance industrial blow molded products.SWS Consulting specializes in blow molded applications and supports all phases of development. From concept creation to troubleshooting problems on the production floor, our goal is to provide successful solutions.

  • Proprietary Make or Pay Solutions
  • IP Portfolio Strategy
  • Failure Analysis
  • New Product Ideation
  • Process Improvement
  • Quality Improvement

Case Studies

These are but a few examples of past success. All of my work for the past 30 years belongs to my clients, and I must give credit to the teams that helped deliver these developments. Development isn’t about trading on the past, it is about creating something new, and SWS Consulting can help you commercialize your ideas.

Iconic Shaped Containers

SWS Consulting has the experience, skills, and network to create specialized packaging solutions. We help brands create new iconic designs and can help your team through commercialization. Our experience spans generations of packaging.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

We helped pioneer the recycled PET industry for high value packaging. SWS Consulting is able to help you create products that have improved sustainability. Do your customers have an unmet need? Let us help you develop a solution to deliver the consumer feature you are after.

Development of Custom Packaging Solutions

We understand the package life cycle and how to renew brands with fresh packaging ideas. We provide services to help your team create workable designs that are easy to manufacture and fit within production parameters. We feature a design intervention team approach which is explained in the case study.


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